X Zone Pro Series Ned Zone - 3"

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X Zone Lures' Pro Series Ned Zone is a soft plastic bait that was born for the classic Midwestern finesse fishing technique known as Ned rigging. This unique bait features a torso and tail that are buoyant—its bulbous tail floats off the bottom, creating an irresistible draw for hunger predators. The Ned Zone is a short, chunky worm with a contoured shape, ribbed texture, and X Zone Infused scent formula that encourages fish hold on, giving you more time to set the hook. At 3", the Pro Series Ned Zone is the perfect sized morsel when you're trying to convince finicky bass to strike. The bait's midsection is marked with a helpful alignment line to ensure straight rigging every time. The choice of 14 time-tested color patterns will enable you to match the look of your local baitfish.