Savage Gear Pulse Tail Shiner LB - Pro Series I Swimbait - Amazing Action!

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The Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Shiner is a state-of-the-art swimbait that's created based on a 3D scan of a real shiner. The innovative "Loose Body"" design uses the bait's split belly to create a weedless setup. Choose the size and color to match the hatch where you fish and add the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Shiner to your tackle arsenal.

• A hyper-realistic swimbait with lifelike scales, fins, and bright 3D eyes
• Unique split rear kicker tail that creates a wild thumping action at any speed
• Natural shiner color patterns add to the convincing look of live prey
• Pair with your favorite weighted swimbait hook for a weedless rig