Savage Gear 3D TPE Soft Vibes Swimbait - 2-1/2", 4/5 oz.

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Extending Savage Gear’s Vibe line of lipless lures, the Savage Gear TPE Soft Vibe transcends the barrier between hard bait and soft bait, offering an innovative construction that gives anglers the very best of both worlds. Built using Savage Gear’s exclusive TPE material, the Savage Gear TPE Soft Vibe is strong like rubber, but flexible like PVC, so anglers can bang it against rocks, rip-rap, and timber without a second thought.

Able to attack every part of the water column, the Savage Gear TPE Soft Vibe generates a great swimming action on the drop and a strong wobble on the retrieve. Effective in tough conditions, the Savage Gear TPE Soft Vibe omits a rattle and provides a silent presentation that excels around spooked and pressured fish. Available in the hottest fish-catching colors, the Savage Gear TPE Soft Vibe provides a one-of-a-kind presentation that blurs the line between soft bait and hard bait.