Molix Trago Vib - Vibrating Balanced Blade Bait - 2", 3/8 oz

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The Molix Trago Vibe is a versatile blade bait that catches fish all year round. You can jig this lure vertically, swim it at mid-depth near cover, or burn it near the surface. The flash, flutter, and intense vibration attract vicious strikes. Plus, this bait is virtually weedless—Molix got rid of the snag-prone part of a treble hook, creating these custom double hooks. Select a size and color pattern to match the look of your local baitfish and add the Trago Vibe to your tackle box! 


  • Balanced to create an enticing flutter on the fall

  • Creates a fast vibration at full speed

  • Natural finishes applied with “electro-painting” for durability

  • Needle-sharp double hooks for a fast, solid hookup