Molix Tenax Wide Gap Jig - 3/8 oz

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The customized hook on the Molix Tenax Jig is a slight tweak in typical jig hook designs, leading to a HUGE uptick in fish catches. The custom hook allows you to fish the jig standing straight up, without sacrificing hooksets. The jig’s hook has a bend at the tip, allowing you to really lay into your hook sets, right away! This tactic will help you catch fish off the bottom in open water, or when you’re pitching into the thick stuff to dig out a trophy.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 7:1-8:1
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'6'' Medium Heavy - Heavy Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 15-20lb Fluorocarbon or 30-50lb Braided