Molix Performance Glide Bait 178 - 7-in, 2-3/4 oz.

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The Molix Glide Bait is a 7" swimbait that's designed to trigger strikes from trophy-sized bass and other gamefish. Big targets attract big fish, but realism counts and the talented engineers at Molix know that. This single-jointed swimbait is balanced with precision internal weighting, so it creates an enticing side-to-side action on the retrieve, and a brief pause with well-timed twitches puts predators in attack mode. This bait's remarkable realism holds up when fish move in for the kill, with natural-looking 3D fins and eyes, plus molded-in scales and gill plates adding to the illusion. Serious hardware rounds out the package on this high-quality bruiser of a swimbait. Choose from a range of custom color patterns and add the Molix Glide Bait to your tackle box!