Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. 8 Crankbait Fishing Lure - 1/2 oz. 2.3" Depth Medium Matte Tiger

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The new DM JR 8 features the anatomical details and EBS power of the DM Jr., but with a bigger bill that takes it down to the 8- to 10-foot depth range. The DM Jr. 8’s EBS chip emits the actual biological sounds of each baitfish that the lure’s color pattern represents, effectively drawing fish from double the distance of traditional lures.


Type: Crankbait

Depth: Up to 10’

Action: Medium Diver

Weight: .6 oz

Length: 2.3”

Features: EBS Smart Chip, Rattles

Hooks: 2X Strong Mustad, #4 X2



All colors come equipped with EBS Original