Livingston Lures Deep Impact 6 Crankbait Fishing Lure - 2/5 oz. 2.4" Depth 6' Brown Hitch

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The DEEP IMPACT 6 features a shad-like profile that produces a perfect wobbling action down to 6 feet, making it a great choice for attracting walleye. Combine its vibrating action with Livingston Lures’ exclusive EBS Technology to effectively attract fish from double the distance of traditional lures that rely on beads and rattles.


Type: Crankbait

Depth: 6’

Action: Shallow-Medium Diver

Weight: 0.4 oz

Length: 2.36”

Features: EBS Smart Chip

Hooks: 2X Strong VMC BN, #6 X2



EBS Shad: AYU, Baby Bass, Melon Shad, Chartreuse Sunrise Shad, Clearwater Shad, Real Shad, XXX Shad, Ghost Gizzard Shad

EBS Bream: True Bream

EBS Crawfish: Brown Craw, Spring Craw

EBS Bluegill: Bluegill

EBS Perch: Yellow Perch