Headbanger Firetail v2 Premium Fishing Swimbait

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The new version of the Headbanger FireTail is updated in a slimmer and taller baitfish profile for better stability and performance. It is made of durable phthalate-free plastics and is also better looking with scale details and dual injected colors.

The highly engineered tail gives the Headbanger FireTail V2 an unmatched S-shaped waggling action with lots of belly flash. Rig it any way you prefer, or pair it with one of the
RockerHead Stingers and take the action to an insane level. Either way, the Headbanger FireTail is a flaming hot weapon in the pursuit of trophy pike and muskie.

Length: 7"
Weight: 1 5/8 oz
Swimming length: 9.5"