Headbanger BangerLizard Premium Fishing Lure - Soft Bait/Creature Bait - 4", 7 pcs, Okeechobee Craw

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Featuring a superior kicking action created by the highly engineered flippers at the end of the arms, the Headbanger BangerLizard puts off an insane action that the fish just can’t resist.

The BangerLizard can be rigged any way you like and be used for any style of soft plastic application perfectly imitating the wiggling swimming action of a real lizard.

A great feature on the BangerLizard is the recess in the plastic on the back that hides the hook tip and removes the need for skin-hooking, giving you better hookup ratios and longer lasting plastics. The BangerLizard has two dots on the belly that serves as guides for where to put your hook tip in and where to bring it out for a perfect rig.