Hard Hat Diesel Football Jig - 3/8 oz., Black & Blue

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The Hard Hat Jigs Diesel Jig is a bottom dragging specialist. When bass are relating to the bottom, rig up a creature or craw and get to dragging. The lead, football shaped head will add action to the trailer and entice strikes all year long. Rocks, points, shoals, wing dams, humps, and other offshore structure are the places to toss the Diesel Jig. Work it slowly, but mix in some hops and twitches to keep fish on their toes. The Diesel Jig will put on its hard hat, get to work, and take care of the rest.

Pro Tips: Football jigs are designed to wobble back and forth when dragged along sandy or rocky bottoms. Pair this up with your favorite crawfish trailer to get extra action and a bigger profile. Football jigs are very versatile as this can be flipped or casted around docks and other cover as well.