Googan Squad Monofilament Fishing Line

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The Googan Squad wanted a line they could trust and deliver to all of you. So, they teamed up with high quality Japanese manufacturers and Catch Co. to create it. All members of The Googan Squad played a part in the development of the product from manufacturing to packaging, and they’re proud to present it to you now. The monofilament version is a floating, multi-purpose line great for multi-species, versatile anglers.

6lb - Great for panfish and trout. Excels on smaller size spinning reels. Perfect for float fishing, spinners, small cranks, and live bait. Ultralight techniques.

8lb - All around solid line. Great for multi-species angling. Strong enough for small Texas rigs, small enough for float fishing and other light options.

12lb - Great option for pond fishing. Texas rigs, soft plastic jerkbaits, poppers, jigs, and lots of other popular bass fishing techniques.

15lb - Walk the dog topwaters, poppers, and spinnerbaits pair nicely with the Googan Squad 15lb monofilament 

20lb -  Rig up your spinnerbaits, large topwater baits, and live bait rigs with this heavy-duty line. 


Lb Test Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
6lb .0093 .236
8lb .0102 .259
12lb .0122 .309
15lb .0130 .33
20lb  .0146 .37