Googan Squad Grande Recon Diving Crankbait - 3-in, 1-oz.

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The Googan Squad Grande Recon is a beefed-up round billed crankbait designed to probe the depths and catch big bass. By design, the Grande Recon will deflect off deep cover, rock, and brush while reaching a diving depth of 15-20 feet. With color options ready to match the forage base of local waters, the Googan Squad Grande Recon will help mimic the action and look of the fish your local bass are feeding on. 

Each Googan Crankbait comes with sticky sharp hooks and the diving depth conveniently painted on the bottom of each crank. No more guessing diving depth with the all-new Googan Crankbaits!

Pro Tips:

Use the Grande Recon when fish are set up to feed in deep water, a thinner line diameter will help the bait run deeper to deflect off the bottom and trigger reaction strikes. 

Product Specs:
  • Length: 3”
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Diving Depth: 15-20’
  • Rattling: Yes