Googan Squad Grande Banger Big Bass Crankbait - 3 in, 3/4 oz.

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Googan Squad Grande Banger

The Googan Squad Grande Banger is a wide wobbling big boy crankbait, designed by a legendary group of YouTube anglers. Together, the Googan Squad and the Catch Co. built a high performing crankbait designed to catch mondos. The upsized profile from the Grande Banger displaces more water when compared to other crankbaits, which increases the it’s drawing power.

Pro Tips: This upsized crankbait is perfect when you want a larger presentation to target bigger fish. It also provides increased casting distance. Throw this bait when you’re looking for a kicker big bass!

Product Specs

  • Length: 3”
  • Weight: 3/4 oz
  • Diving Depth: 3-7'
  • Rattling: Yes