Googan Baits Pure Passion Saucy Swimmer 3.3" Shad (8 Pack)

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The Googan Baits Saucy Swimmer is a soft bodied plastic swimbait meant to look, feel, and most importantly swim like a small fish. Designed with help from the entire Googan Squad, this saucy swimbait will have you dialed in on a fat bag of fish while supporting a legendary crew of dudes. Available in three size options, the Googan Squad Saucy Swimmer can be burned, dragged, jigged, or slow-rolled using many techniques.

Popular techniques include - Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, weightless, keel weighted swimbait hooks, or on a standard jig head. Look for fish actively feeding on baitfish and throw your Googan Baits Saucy Swimmer into these high percentage areas knowing that you're giving the fish exactly what they want.


- One of a kind patented tail design

- Versatile rigging options

- Easy cast and retrieve ability

- Distinctive sound and action