BioSpawn ExoPod Swimbait Fishing Lure - 3.5-in, 7 pk - Enhanced with BioScent

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The Biospawn ExoPod is a genetically engineered creature bait built with a streamlined flapping action. The ExoPod's compact and practical design allows for easy rigging for multiple presentations. At 3.5" the ExoPod is the perfect trailer for any jig or bladed bait. And it has enough bulkiness and action to be rigged independently on a punch rig or finesse Texas/Carolina rig. The classic BioSpawn ribbed body design seamlessly leads into two flapping flanges that give the ExoPod a subtle but distinctive swimming action.

When trailing the ExoPod on a jig, rig the flanges down, horizontally, to resemble the flapping claws of a crawfish. When using the ExoPod as a spinnerbait/bladed jig trailer, rig the flanges standing up vertically to resemble a swimming baitfish.

Bonus Features:

  • 7 Genetically Designed Color Options
  • Centered Hook Point Channel In Every Plastic
  • Infused With BioScent Fish Attracting Formula