BioSpawn ExoKick Premium Fishing Lure Worm - 5-1/2"-in, 7 pk - Enhanced with BioScent

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The ExoKick is here to entice the grass dwellers. Equipped with a segmented body loaded with fish-attracting BioScent, The ExoKick has a pair of tails that kick hard as the bait is retrieved through the water. Best deployed on a Texas rig with a pegged weight, the ExoKick excels around submerged vegetation as it imitates fleeing prey.


  • Two kicking tails for maximum action
  • Ribbed body for hiding hook point
  • Thick body for durability

How to Fish:

  • Typically Texas Rigged with a light bullet weight (1/16oz - 3/8oz) and a peg. Peg is crucial for keeping it weedless
  • Fished around shallow vegetation or wood cover