Teckel Sprinker Topwater Frog Fishing Lure Bait - 4-1/2", 5/8 oz

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Designed by famed Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hidecki Maeda, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog incites aggressive blow-ups that are in a league-of-their-own. Built around the iconic Teckel hollow-body, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog combines the weedlessness of a frog with the auditory agitation and splash of a prop bait. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog blurs the line between prop bait and frog to give anglers a completely new, and incredibly effective hybrid topwater genre.

Teckel USA Spriker Frog Spare Tails

 Teckel USA Total Length Body Length Weight
Sprinker Frog  4-1/2"  3" 5/8oz