Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish RTF (4"/1 oz) - Silver Black Back

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Savage Gear has gained a reputation for producing lifelike swimbaits and their Pulse Tail Baitfish is a great example of what they do. The production molds were created using a 3D scan of a real baitfish, giving this lure the size, shape, and profile that hungry predators are always on the hunt for. The patent-pending split rear kicker tail creates a rhythmic thumping action even at slow retrieve speeds. A no-nonsense 4X EWG hook emerges from the back of the bait, protected from submerged cover. The built-in rattle chamber adds an enticing noise that calls fish in from far away. Gamefish can't resist the lifelike action and realistic photo print color patterns of the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish.