Reaction Strike, Xtreme Rip Pencil, Kitana, 5" - 5/8 oz - White Red Head

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The Reaction Strike Xtreme Rip Pencil is a shallow water hard bait resembling the look and action of dying or distressed baitfish. Built with the saltwater angler in mind, the Reaction Strike Rip Pencil has also proven its ability to catch trophy size fish in brackish and freshwater.

The most popular way to work the Rip Pencil is with quick and straightforward twitches of the rod tip. Quick rips with your rod with create a darting and slashing action that instinctively draws the attention of predatorial fish. If your arm gets tired from ripping the bait all day long, a smooth and steady retrieve is an inviting and more subtle action from the Xtreme Rip Pencil.