Lunkerhunt Impact Series, Ignite, Spinnerbait, 1/2 Oz.

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The Lunkerhunt Impact Ignite Willow Leaf Spinnerbait features a pair of slim, tapered blades that slice through the water like a knife, creating a fast fluttering vibration that drives fish crazy. Up close, this bait looks amazing, with realistic 3D eyes, a bright durable finish, and a high-quality, color-matched silicone skirt. Cast this 1/2 oz beauty a mile and work it back near a weed line, stump field, or other cover. Mistaking the Impact Ignite Spinnerbait for a fleeing baitfish, ambushing predators will chase it down and hammer it. The blades rotate freely at any speed and put out a ton of flash to call in fish from a distance. When you want to trigger a feeding frenzy near shallow cover, tie on a Lunkerhunt Impact Ignite Willow Leaf Spinnerbait!