Livingston Lures WALKING BOSS Jr. Topwater Fishing Lure w/ EBS

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Livingston Lures Walking Boss II Jr is a dynamic topwater bait that has an incredible action. Its oversized, deep-cupped lip makes a wild, splashing display at any speed, and this bait incorporates Livingston Lures' innovative EBS Smart Chip, which emits a distinct, natural baitfish sound. It features a realistic baitfish profile, scale pattern, gill plates, and 3D eyes. Add this enticing lure to your topwater tackle arsenal today!

• Oversized lip disturbs the surface and imparts a wild swimming action
• Jointed body adds a lifelike movement that triggers strikes
EBS Technology attracts fish from a distance
• 2X strong needle-sharp VMC treble hooks

SIZE:  4" Long, 3/5 ounce