Livingston Lures Spinmaster Topwater Propellor Fishing Lure - 5/8 oz. 2.5" Chartreuse Blue Shiner

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The SPINMASTER is equipped with propellers on the front and back, creating fish-attracting bubbles and a surface disturbance during the retrieve. The bait’s internal counter-weight chamber also causes the SpinMaster to roll on its side, better mimicking a baitfish floundering on the surface. Combine that with the actual sounds of a baitfish from the EBS Technology and you’ll draw fish from double the distance of traditional prop baits.


Type: Top Water Pop

Depth: Top Water

Action: Floating

Weight: 0.58 oz

Length: 2.6”

Features: EBS Smart Chip

Hooks: 2X Strong, VMC BN #4 X2 F



EBS Shad: Beauty Shad, Black Back Chrome Shad, Tennessee Shad, Bluetreuse, Ginrin, Pure Bone Shad, XXX Shad, Bone G Shad

EBS Bream: True Bream