Jenko Fishing, Perseus 110, Suspending Jerkbait - 4-1/2" 1/2 oz.

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The Persues 110 from Jenko Fishing is a suspending jerk bait that will help you convince sluggish fish to strike. When you're targeting suspended bass with a twitching jerk bait, the longer your lure remains in the strike zone the better. The Persues 110 has a natural swimming action that gets nearby predators' attention, but it's when you stop the bait and twitch it in their faces that really gets things going. Once the Persues is suspended, a sharp snap of your rod tip causes this perfectly balanced bait to kick drastically to one side then the next, all while remaining in basically the same spot. The Persues 110 comes in a range of brilliant finishes and it fitted with unbelievably sharp VMC hooks. When you need a versatile bait that can wake up sluggish, suspended fish every season of the year, tie on Jenko Fishing's Persues 110 jerkbait.