HEADBANGER RockerHead Bass Fishing Jig Head - 1/5 & 2/7 Oz. (3 Pack)

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The RockerHead from Headbanger will change the way you fish craws, creature baits, lizards, and other soft plastics. Its innovative design features a specially shaped zinc head and free-swinging weedless worm hook that can be easily replaced. The head shape is what makes this product so special. An enticing wobble during the fall, a lifelike undulation when swimming at moderate speeds, and a crazy crawling action when dragged across the bottom—every presentation benefit from this lure's unique, cupped head design. When you tie on a RockerHead, you have a true multi-use tool at your disposal. You can bounce it off the bottom and bang it into cover like a football jig, swim it through vegetation, or jig it in open water, where the two-part design will allow your soft plastics to come alive in a way that no one-piece jig head allows. Get the most out of your soft plastics with a versatile jig that can help you cover every part of the water column. Add a 3-pack of Headbanger RockerHeads to your tackle collection.