Googan Squad Wake Banger Crankbait - 2-3/8 in, 7/16 oz.

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Designed from the popular Banger squarebill, the Wake Banger brings a new level of topwater excitement to the Googan lineup. This bait includes a loud rattle and creates a turbulent wake on the water’s surface to draw mondos from a distance in shallow cover. Equipped with Mustad Triple Grip Hooks, fish are sure to stay pinned.


  • Loud internal rattling BB’s
  • Body profile and bill design to create a turbulent wake on the surface when retrieved 
  • Mustad Triple Grip Hooks
  • Diving depth printed on the body for easy identification

How to Fish: 

  • Cast and retrieve at medium speed around any shallow cover
  • The bait will create a turbulent wake at the surface to draw in the attention of a bass