Googan Squad Hummer 1/2 oz Premium Bass Fishing Lure Buzzbait

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The Googan Squad  Buzzbait will create a buzz the second it hits the water. The buzzbait is a Googan Squads take on the classic buzzbait. Each one features a free-spinning propeller blade that puts off the look, feel, and sound needed to call in the fish. Every Googan Squad Buzzbait has the bait's weight painted to the head for easy identification.

The Googan Squad Buzzbait has slotted holes stamped into each blade for an increased surface disturbance. A hand-tied rubber skirt is clinched around an ultra-sharp Mustad hook adding to the Buzzbait's liveliness. And finally, to help prevent dreaded line slippage, each Googan Squad Buzzbait is topped off with a rubber band line keeper.

Pro Tips: Use the Googan Squad Buzzbait to create reaction strikes. Reel over schooling baitfish in areas you notice bass feeding actively. When faced with overcast situations, focus on open water areas near vegetation or cover. When the sun is high, keep your Hummer closer to cover, vegetation, and shaded areas.