Googan Squad Topwater Filthy Frog with Attitude - 3 Sizes/8 Colors!

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Googan Squad Filthy Frog

This amphibian is a 100% weedless, hollow-bodied hero. It’s finished with some tasty details that allow it to catch fish in the thickest slop. Like, an angled nose that prevents mucky buildup. Protective tubing around the hook that blocks water from entering the body. Its hooks are flush with the body, making it completely weedless. Added weights, so you can cast it far and cover plenty of water. The rubber legs give this bait a lively action. They're fastened to the bait from the inside to prevent them from falling out. Even after the harsh treatment dished out by aggressive bass, pike, or other frog-loving species.

This frog can still walk the walk! “Walk the dog” by keeping your rod tip pointed down, and applying quick twitches on a slack line.

LENGTH: 2 1/2 in
WEIGHT: 5/8 oz

GREAT FOR: Ponds, Creeks, or Pressured Bodies of Water
LENGTH: 2 in
WEIGHT: 3/8 oz

GREAT FOR: Ponds, Creeks, Pressured Bodies of Water 
LENGTH: 1 3/4 in
WEIGHT: 1/4 oz

Pro Tip: Always wait a second before setting the hook on a hollow body frog. A short pause gives the fish time to fully take the bait, while providing you time for a strong hookset. Also, you can trim one of the Filthy Frogs skirted legs shorter than the other to increase the bait’s walking ability!