Googan Squad Fat Shaddy, 3-Jointed Body, Realistic, Premium Glidebait

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The slowly sinking body of the Googan Squad Jr. Fat Shaddy has an unrivaled lifelike motion in the water. The 2-jointed, 3-piece body is painted with deliciously tasty details and features a unique, soft-touch rubberized matte finish. The rotating hook hangers are included to help keep your mondo from shaking the hooks. The Fat Shaddy excels with a slow, steady retrieve. But don’t be afraid to experiment with a stop and go cadence, or even quick twitches of your rod tip.


 Additional Features

  • Rotating hook hangers that increase fish landing percentage

  • The lifelike rubberized paint finish

  • A double-jointed body that has a wide, fluid swimming motion, which leads to a lot of “fish drawing power” - The ability to draw fish in to follow and investigate the lure easily

  • The ability to turn 180 degrees when popped hard - this triggers wary bass following the lure into striking

  • Large profile to draw strikes from trophy size fish

  • 2x beefy treble hooks

  • Slow sinking


  • Contender ROF (Rate of Fall): 7ft
  • Jr. Contender ROF (Rate of Fall): 6ft
  • : ROF (Rate of Fall) = How many feet the lure sinks in 10 seconds. **May vary slightly based on water temp**: