Googan Mondo Optics Tournament Series - Largie Lookers

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Mondo Optics Largie Lookers are polarized fishing sunglasses that check all the boxes. There's UV protection for your eyes, jaw-dropping good looks, rock-solid construction, and a remarkable ability to help you see fish, cover, and anything under the sun. When you're standing on the deck of a boat in the blazing sun, you need something that will let you see everything clearly—your depth-finder, the knot you just tied, the grass line in front of you, and the subtle line movement of a bite.

These awesome shades from Googan Squad are ideal for every angling situation. They feature high-grade optics - tinted green and polarized, treated to reduce glare. The frames are comfortable and functional, with a perfectly curved shape and wide temples to shut out light coming in from the top and sides. When you're on the water, you need a crystal-clear view of everything in front of you. Googan Squad's Mondo Optics Largie Lookers are the accessory you need.