Castaic Softbaits Super Jerky J Paddle Bait Fishing Lure - 5-1/4", Qty 4, Albino

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 The Castaic Super Jerky J is a segmented soft plastic jerk bait that has the profile and lively movement of a real baitfish. No unsegmented soft plastic bait could move like the Super Jerky J—the carefully positioned cuts in the body give this bait a remarkably realistic swimming action, even at slow retrieve speeds. With a lazy fall and a spastic body movement that kicks in with the slightest twitch of your rod tip, this bait will trigger a feeding instinct in nearby predators. Molded-in scales and eyes plus realistic fins provide a natural appearance, and you can choose from a range of popular colors to match the hatch. Add the Super Jerky J from Castaic to your tackle box!