Bass Dynasty Dynacraw 2X Creature Bait Fishing Lure

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There have been some very good craw imitations created over the years, but the DynaCraw from Bass Dynasty is a craw like you've never seen. Used as a jig trailer or Texas-rigged with a wide gap hook, this craw bait is perfect for flipping into heavy cover, bouncing over a rocky ledge, or dropping next to a line of vegetation. The precision-poured DynaCraw features a segmented body that gives it a natural profile and realistic movement underwater, two large paddle-shaped claws that flutter enticingly, plus all the tiny legs and antennas that round out any good crawfish imitation. Another thing that makes this bait different is the strong, flexible 2X material it's made from—after you catch dozens of fish on the DynaCraw, it just keeps going. You can choose between the 3" and 4" models in several proven color patterns. Soft plastic craw imitations have been used effectively for decades; the Bass Dynasty DynaCraw is a modern take on that time-tested bait. Give it a try—the DynaCraw may just become your new go-to craw bait!