13 Fishing Warthog 60 -2-1/3", 1/2 oz, DREAM GILL

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Built to provide old-school balsa-style action with increased durability and a more cost-effective design, the 13 Fishing Warthog Squarebill 70 Crankbait delivers 4x4 capability that makes it an important asset when diving through the rocky chunder. Featuring a wide oversized body shape, the Warthog 70 is extremely buoyant and built with an extra wide head which allows it to root through heavy cover and aggressively deflect without getting snagged. Ideal for triggering more bites in dirty water conditions, the larger 70-size offers an upsized profile and faint multi-rattle system that provides subtle knocking acoustics.

Armed with premium components throughout, the 13 Fishing Warthog Squarebill 70 Crankbait is equipped with chemically sharpened VMC black nickel treble hooks that make this bait extra clingy after a monster clamps down on it. Covered in high-definition paint jobs and fitted with vibrant 3D eyes for unmatched realism underwater, the 13 Fishing Warthog Squarebill 70 Crankbait is a power fishing angler’s dream and available in a variety of colors that are proven to be persuasive.