13 Fishing Paralyzer Micro Finesse Creature Bait Fishing Lure - 1/2", Qty 6, Black Magic

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The Paralyzer from 13 Fishing is a micro-finesse bait that's irresistible to perch, crappie, bluegill, and other panfish species. In a very approachable size, this bait features a buggy body flanked by two slender arms, with a trailing spiked tail—all three appendages move wildly with every twitch of your rod tip. The Paralyzer is great for ice fishing and in open water. Choose from a set of bright, attractive colors and add this panfish magnet to your tackle box!

• A tempting morsel that attracts crappie, perch, and other panfish
• Unique design resembles a variety of tasty aquatic prey
• Eye-popping color gets the attention of fish, even in stained water
• Made using 10x tough plastic, infused with Donkey Sauce attractant