10,000 FISH - TATAKI FROG - 2-1/2 in, 5/8 oz

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The Tataki Frog roams the pads and mats at its own pace. Featuring a patent-pending External Walking Weight system, its innovative weight distribution allows for easy walking across the top of the water. Crafted with hidden hook points that tuck into its back for fighting off weeds and maximizing hooksets. Heavier than most frogs for longer casts. Journey the untamed with the Tataki Frog.

Fish the Tataki Frog over emergent vegetation, around cover, through open water, or skip under overhanging trees and docks. Works best in low light conditions. The Tataki’s External Walking Weight allows for effortless "walk the dog" action. Keep your rod tip pointed down, and apply quick twitches on a slackline.

Gear Recommendations:
ROD: Googan Squad Muscle Rod, or any casting rod 7’2” or longer, heavy power, fast or moderate fast action
REEL: Casting Reel, Gear Ratio 6.2:1 or faster
LINE: 50 - 65lb Braided Line