10,000 Fish Cyclebait (Premium Spinnerbait)

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The 10,000 Fish Cyclebait is a new, patent-protected wire bait with an erratic action like nothing you’ve seen before. Unlike a spinnerbait that tracks straight through the water, the Cyclebait’s unique blade to wire connection allows for an erratic, side to side hunting action, as seen below. This creates a realistic swimming motion that better mimics fleeing baitfish. 

The Cyclebait provides a phenomenal flicker and flash as it’s burned, slow-rolled, or just casually retrieved back to the boat. The slender and slim body of the shiny willow blade emits a signal that resembles distressed baitfish or minnow zooming past. Use steady retrieves and target shallow grass, woods, or docks. The Cyclebait’s distinctive hunting action will quickly draw strikes from predatory fish.

Trailer Recommendations:
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Additional Features:

  • Side to side swimming or hunting action

  • Works on fish in almost any water types

  • Exceptional vibrating action 

  • Well balanced for long, bombing casts

  • Unparalleled action and feel not found in any other bait

  • Patent protected design

  • Thumping Colorado or Willow blade

  • Works using a variety of retrieval techniques