10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad - 4 Pack

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The 10,000 Fish Shimmer Swimmer is a soft plastic swimbait designed with a lifelike look and feel. The Shimmer Swimmer is an effective finesse swimbait, with big-fish drawing power. The 3.5” Shimmer Swimmer is finished off with authentic baitfish features such as gills, fins, and glued in eyes to trigger fish into taking a swipe. Inspired by detailed Japanese design, the Shimmer Swimmer’s body is poured around ultra-reflective “Strobe Strips” to reflect light and add to the bait's realistic texture. The added flash from the ''Strobe Strips'' helps attract fish while also making the bait tougher. Best fished on a standard jighead, the Shimmer Swimmer will also crush on the back of jigs, spinnerbaits, or on a finesse Carolina or Texas rig. If you loved the 10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad and Sukoshi Bug, you'll love the Shimmer Swimmer, too!