Winter Bass Fishing Guide

Winter Bass Fishing Guide

Winter Bass Fishing Guide

Fishing during the winter can be challenging. Many anglers struggle to catch fish during this time and with the colder temperatures, it’s no surprise why many choose not to fish in the winter.

The reason so many struggle during the winter is due to lack of experience. It is a self-defeating cycle. When you don’t catch much fish and are cold all day it makes it far less appealing the next time you get the opportunity to go fishing.

In this post, I will give you the info you need to be more successful during the colder months. You will learn how bass behave differently, where they go in the cold, and how to catch them. Additionally having the proper clothing goes a long way in making your winter fishing much more enjoyable.

How to Find Bass During the Winter

The key to locating bass during the winter is finding baitfish. Out on the water you want to look for birds circling above and blowups on the surface. If you can find baitfish, you’re going to find bass.

During the winter many lakes lower their water level to prepare for the snowmelt and rain in the spring. Because of this, most boat docks will be on dry land and are completely out of play during this time of year.

When fishing during the winter I start by looking for bass schooling up along main lake points, high spots, or humps. If you have electronics be on the lookout for bait balls and rock piles. If I cant find them at these locations I will check the backs of coves where the bass might have baitfish pinned.

How to Catch Bass During the Winter

During the winter finesse fishing styles really shine. Techniques like the dropshot, ned rig, neko rig, finesse jigs, and small minnow style swimbaits are all great options when the water is super cold and bass are being picky.

On winter days that are warmer than typical or during the afternoon more power fishing styles can be very productive. Lures like deep diving crankbaits, jerkbaits, blade baits, and the Alabama rig can be great options.

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Best Time to Fish During Winter

The best time to fish in the winter is during the afternoon. The afternoon is typically the warmest part of the day as the sun has had time to warm up the water. Baitfish are more active during this warmer period and if the baitfish are more active so will the bass that are chasing them.

Where Do Bass Go During Winter

During the winter bass move to deeper water. The only time you will see them up shallower is when they have baitfish pinned up shallow and are feeding.

I start my days during the winter by targeting deeper water along main lake points and rock piles first. If that doesn’t work I will try up shallower as I work my way to the backs of coves.

Winter Bass Fishing FAQs

Do bass bite in the cold weather?

Yes, bass continue to bite throughout the winter. In colder weather, you might not get as many bites but it is a great time to catch giant bass.